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Captcha da little piggies [06-05-2007]
errr no I haven't lost it ... yet.
Captcha.. (you know those unreadable images that are supposed to be legible to humans that you have to decipher prior to submitting some forms ?), I hate them, my take on captcha is either far better or far more annoying than the normal ones, love it or hate it here

Pagination Class [16-02-2007]
Paginagtion, paging , errr call it what you will , but the thing that allows you to display result sets in pages rather like google etc.
Most pagination scripts or classes I have seen before all include the database queries (sometimes abstracted sometimes not) in the script/class, also you often see HTML mixed up in the code both of which and diminish the codes portabilty , as you have probably already guessed I have tried to avoid that .... class and examples here

AMP on a USB flash drive[15-01-2005]
Recently having seen a few threads in various forums about running PHP,Apache,MySQL on a USB flash drive , ok , always not specifically with Apache & MySQL (remember we now have SQLite) but any sort of environment that allows you to run a webserver & serve dynamic web-pages from a USB flash drive.
Its simple , about 10 minutes work at most , here's a rundown & sample configuration to get you started

International PHP Magazine.[1-07-2004]
The August-September issue (04.04) of the International PHP Magazine is now available . This issue of the magazine is a great assortment of articles contributed by personalities who use PHP in their daily lives , checkout the highlights from this edition or see the full article list at

PHP 4.3.0 upgrade for phpdev423 [31-12-2002]
If you have phpdev423 and want to upgrade to PHP 4.3.0 which was released last week you can grab an installer here
You could of course also simply grab the latest zip version from (hint - stick the php4ts.dll & lib in the sapi folder!)
I am testing apache2/4.3.0 now for phpdev5 but it still looks a little ropey so far.

mod_perl for phpdev423 uploaded [26-10-2002]
mod_perl 1.27 from the Randy Kobes build of apache1.2.7/Perl5.6.1 is ready for phpdev423 users, dont bother getting it unless you have upgraded to phpdev423
With more modules than you can poke a stick at it should be great fun for all you PERL heads out there, get mod_perl for phpdev423 here Firebird is next if I can get the v1.5 to actually work.

phpdev423 (upgrade at last) [21-10-2002]
Whilst phpdev5 has teething troubles which I have not had the time to fix... so I have chugged phpdev423 together which brings the basic phpdev upto date with the latest php & apache1 versions.
  • apache 1.3.27
  • php4.2.3
  • MySQL4a
  • Cerebus FTP server
  • phpmyadmin 2.3.2
  • InvisionBoard forum
  • PhpWebsite
  • mod_perl 1.27 (as an optional download)
mod_perl is a week or so away at most and includes all the modules you could shake a stick at. This version of phpdev is built on the Randy Kobes windows binary compilations of apache and PERL so its mod_perl and SSL ready . phpdev423 uses the NSIS installer and you should be able to install it anywhere, please read the destructions on the download page before installing!! -> get it here

phpdev5 beta[ages ago]
For those who have been asking there is now a phpdev5 beta, note though its very beta and has a couple of issues which are pretty annoying, anyway if you want to have a play and hopefully give me some feedback please grab the latest copy from here Please!! read the destructions and don't blame me if you did not !!!, note that apache2 is ropey at best on win32 with PHP4 at this point in time and really you should disable the apache2 service as soon as you have installed, also please note that despite what the instructions say apache and apache2 are both installed as service by default whatever the GUI may suggest. (updated 15/7/2002 to php4.2.2)

Ideas please[ages ago]
here again and noticing how old this site is getting, I mean in terms of content, its time therefore to get some fresh content and hopefully blood and get back on track, to this end I am currently looking for contributors of, well pretty much anything, articles,tutorials,news etc , all you are going to get in return is a big thankyou and a link or 2 but you will be helping tomorrows PHP noobs and hopefully turning them away from the dark-side a reward in itself don't you think?, anyway anyone with any ideas or content can contact me here

Whilst I would love to have some fresh tutorials or scripts I am not really going to try and compete with the likes of hotscripts etc who have this well covered but I am looking for ways to produce fresh & constantly updated resource of what is happening in the PHP world, PHP has spiraled out in so many different directions covering GUI's (PHP-GTK) to CMS's (Nuke & friends) network programming shell scripting even 3D rendering there is however no central repository of these resources and this is what I would like to provide if possible and this is where I could really do with some help - answers on a postcard to

The forums are now here big mallacca's to Nexus and Yokel. for hosting the forums till now - it got me out of all sorts of hassles - please continue to support them at... the pit and I can also be found at in or around the PHP section

Not where you expected to be ??[pre time begins]
Sorry, if you came from the front page to the hosting, design or data sections you will have ended up here... why?, well firepages has changed direction somewhat, most of our work is now contract/consultancy as opposed to full blown web-design & its not really fair to be offering web-design services and services to web designers at the same time, since most of our work now comes from other web-design firms (and hosting companies etc) I have decided to remove those sections. Firepages as always offers scripting services to any interested parties and you can still contact us

MySQL Mangler
MySQL4 is out, and well worth a look, it will be finding its way into phpdev pretty soon, as will the manual - a lovely 2.29MB html file :) , as that is a bit silly I wrote a script to break it up into chapters etc, you can find it here all the links are preserved etc and makes checking out the manual a much more pleasant experience!

OK, its time to check out PHP-GTK, the official place be is here S0 what is PHP-GTK ? -well it depends who you ask :) , for me it is an excellent way to take you existing php knowledge and move up a gear. PHP-GTK lets you create write client-side GUI applications..... with PHP!
Moreover, PHP-GTK allows you to take your applications to the next level, i.e. got a mysql database online? and your customers need to update it realtime ? well you probably already make nice form based admin pages for them, what if you could create a windowed application that could do the same job yet with an interface that looks and feels like a windows app? well you can, with sockets/PHP-GTK/PHP/$database the world is your turbot!

phpdev and PHP-GTK
The next update to phpdev will be PHP-GTK, I am just trying to finish a couple of simple apps that will help phpdev users configure apache, and a sort of 'web-protect' app for automation of htaccess & htpasswd files for phpdev.
There are still some issues with running PHP-GTK on a machine that already has PHP onboard somewhere, especially if it is running as an apache module, you actually end up with 2 versions of PHP and some dodgy looking batch files to get them started. But perhaps the 'php compiler' that used to live at but has mysteriously disappeared will surface again to make our lives a little easier ? who knows.

phpdev4 is here ! well here actually
phpdev4 is a little different than the the previous versions, in that as the size of the bundles gets bigger and bigger it gets , well a bigger pain to download them, so I have split up the package into several packages, the basic one having PHP4.06/Apache1.3.20 and then allowing MySQL & PERL ? that's right PERL to be added separately.
Manuals are also available to download, as is MysqlFront a fantastic MySQL & ODBC manager.

What else ? well phpdev4 now defaults as an apache module as opposed to a CGI so expect things to run a lot faster that before, the Zend optimizer is also in there to held speed things up a little. The main point of phpdev4 was a) to bring us up to speed with version numbers and b) to make phpdev easier to expand/upgrade in the future, so when the next version of any of the components hit the streets you will be able to upgrade phpdev without downloading everything again.